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Surfing Walk of Fame

John Boozer 2013
Local Hero
No one exudes the sense of a true HB mainstay like this year’s Local Hero John Boozer. Not only did he excel in the contest jersey, but also found his spot in the early stages of the surf industry. Boozer attended HB High School during the same era as Corky Carroll and was soon a standout at the HB Pier on the Gordie Surf Team. Before long, he was making finals of the Boys and Juniors divisions in the early days of the annual US Surfing Championships, held on the Southside. His competitive career was capped off by winning the Laguna Swimwear Masters in the South Bay in the mid-1960s. Like any true surfer trying to prove his worth, Boozer hit Hawaii’s North Shore where he found his spot in the line-up at Pipeline and Rocky Point. Until he passed on just a little over a decade ago, he worked in Huntington’s surfboard industry in a variety of positions. And perhaps our Local Hero’s most telling accolade was his membership of the legendary “Hole in the Wall Gang”.

John & Morghan Boozer 2011
Hole in the Wall Gang Team Member Inductee,

Hello to everyone & " The Gang ". My dates and contest wins are a bit fuzzy as far as "what" and "where" the contests that John & I won... But I do know that JB won the masters division several times in various contests and was the 1977 U.S. Masters Champ held at San-O. As for me, I won a few Girls divisions in various contests in addition to the local HB city surf contest in 1978 ( I think ). I also placed 2nd at United States Surfing Championship (USSC) held at South Padre Island, Texas in 1978 as well.

Boozer 4
PHOTO: Known as Mr. Afternoon Pipeline. Courtesy Morghan Boozer. Circa 60'

PHOTO: Fearlessly charging at Pipeline. Courtesy Morghan Boozer

Big Money
PHOTO: KHJ Radio "Big Contest" and John won a motorcycle. Corky Carroll won a TV, and sold it to buy a used motorcycle.


Morghan. Photo courtesy of Bobby Zee

I'm VERY honored to be a part of all of this!! The H.I.T.W. Gang planted the seed for me over 35 years ago and for that I am truly grateful!! I can't wait to see everyone as well!

See you all,


SUPER HEAT WINNER- John Boozer won the super heat (made up of each division winner) at the district 5 Western Surfing Association contest at the pier. He rides for Gordon Duane's "The Hole in the Wall Gang." HB News Photo Archive.

White, Grundy, Boozer
PHOTO: Cindy White, Grundy and Morghan.

"Fearless big wave surfer, witty personality and HB's first real local hero"

John Boozer
PHOTO: Getting covered with style. Courtesy Morghan Boozer.

Gordie ShopPHOTO: Gordie Duane, Randy Lewis and John Boozer. Courtesy Gordie Duane Archive



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