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Surfing Walk of Fame
2016 Women's International Surfing Association (WISA)

The Honor Roll spot goes to the Women’s International Surfing Association (WISA) Founders and Board of Directors: Mary Setterholm, Jericho Poppler, Mary Lou McGinnis Drummy, Terry Eselun, Shannon Aikman, Karen Mackay, Duline McGough, Pam Maher, Jan Gaffney, Linda Westfall, Catherine Rosset and Liz Irwin.

A wise woman once said, “Waves treat everyone equally.” This same female was one of the co-founders of the groundbreaking Women’s International Surfing Association (WISA) – the world’s first all-women competitive surf organization. Mary Setterholm spoke those profound words as she introduced the new organization along with co-founders Jericho Poppler and Shannon Aikman on March 8 (International Women’s Day), 1975.

Based in Huntington Beach, California, WISA opened strongly with a string of top-shelf amateur events held at San Onofre, Huntington and Newport Beach. It was the $3,000 WISA Hang Ten Women’s International Professional Surfing Championships at Malibu, September 20, 1975 that drew top female surfers from around the globe including Japan, Great Britain and Australia. It even coaxed 1968 World Champion Margo Oberg out of retirement and she ended up winning the $1,500 first prize.

Throughout its 18 years as an established organization, WISA events featured premier female surfers like Lynne Boyer, Debbie Beacham, Kim Mearig and the ultra smooth Hawaiian, Rell Sunn. Mary Lou Drummy elected 1st President lead WISA for 18 years until they merged with the Western Surfing Association (WSA) in 1993. Today, we honor Drummy, Setterholm, Poppler and the rest of the original WISA Board of Directors: Terry Eselun, Shannon Aikman, Duline McGough, Karen Mackay Pam Maher, Jan Gaffney, Linda Westfall, Catherine Rosset and Liz Irwin.

WISA was awarded a Commemoration Scroll from the Los Angeles Board of Supervisors, Sheila Kuehl, Supervisor, District 3, on December 8, 2015; Jericho Poppler, Mary Lou Drummy, Terry Eselun and Shannon Aikman received individual Commemorations for their "Contributions to Los Angeles" .

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PHOTO: WISA first place Margo Oberg 1975
Photo Courtesy of Shannon Aikman

phot0PHOTO: Hang Ten Pro 1975 second place Linda Westfall
Photo Courtesy of Shannon Aikman


HONOR ROLL –Recipients of the honor roll award deserve recognition due to their important
contributions to the sport of surfing and its culture, but they do not qualify under the specific guidelines of the other five walk of fame categories. The honor roll is the only category chosen by the walk of fame board of directors.

PHOTO:WISA 1975 Hang Ten Pro poster

PHOTO:WISA 1975 Hang Ten Pro Banner with Dodie Hakemack

3 legendsPHOTO:PT, Bob McKnight and inductee Shannon Aikman

PHOTO: 1st Hang Ten Women's Int'l Pro Surfing Championships, Malibu, CA September 20, 1975
This all women's pro event was the first women's Professional surfing Championship!

PHOTO: Jericho Poppler & Terry Eselun, pro event Directors WISA 1975

Women's International Surfing Association

PHOTO: WISA inaugural meeting March 1975
Founding board members, left to right: Shannon Aikman, Liz Shelky, Jericho Poppler, Linda Westfall, Pam Maher, Mary Setterholm.


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Surfing Walk of Fame