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Surfing Walk of Fame

Robert August 1994
While locals know Robert August's warm smile and easy-going demeanor, the world knows him as the young man who followed the sun and surf in the original Endless Summer film. As part of that fame he boasts putting 35,000 miles on a single surfboard. That's a tough record for even the hot up and coming pros. Robert began surfing around 5 or 6, influenced by another surfing legend his father, Blackie August. His mother, Partricia, also enjoyed surfing. Like most locals, Robert was a top contender in innumerable California contests, including the first Duke Kahanamoku Classic and West Coast Championships. Robert warmed up to the industry side of surfing, first as a salesman for Jacobs, then shaping for numerous well known board makers. Ultimately he started his own line and still shapes boards for special clients. Robert a, the goofy foot still takes to the water regularly, especially when he is in his own personal surf heaven -- Costa Rica. And in the August family tradition, sons Byron and Sam surf...when they're not playing professional baseball.

PHOTO: Courtesy of Bruce Brown Films


PHOTO: Robert August at International Surfing Museum in Huntington Beach which he always supports.


PHOTO: Courtesy of Bruce Brown Films
PHOTO: Courtesy of Bruce Brown Films





Surfing Walk of Fame