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  • 1954 Hobie Alter 1st Board
  • Gordie Surfboard 3rd Board George Stremple reshaped Balsa board, referred as a "Pig Board"
  • 1957 Del Cannon Step Down
  • 1960-62 Hap Jacobs
  • 1962-64 Sonny Vardeman
  • 1962-64 Surfboards by Jacobs in World Contest Lima Peru, South America.
  • 1963-65 Vardeman Surf Team
  • 1963 Joey Cabell, Paul Strauch
  • 1964-65 Vardeman Wayne Land Model. Guns Big Wave Boards 11'4"
  • 1966 Buzzy Trent Model shaped by Dick Brewer
  • 1966 Bing Copeland Surfboard-Only three made "Bing Pipe Liner"
  • 1967 John Peck-Morey Pope Penetrator
  • 1967 Riding my Bing Pipe Liner
  • 1968 Greek Surfboards
  • 1970 Dick Brewer Gun and Greek
  • 1973 Bruce Jones
  • 1973 Robert August
  • 1974 Carl Hayward
  • 1974 Hawaii Surf Design


huntington beach
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Surfing Walk of Fame

Chuck Linnen: Local Hero 2003, Honor Roll 2007 "The Boys of '55" & Honor Roll 2011

A longtime local Huntington Beach surfer, Chuck rode his first wave in 1954 then traveled to the North Shore to surf in the early 1960's. Competition has always been his forte. He competed in the '58 Oceanside Invitational, the first U.S. Championship at Huntington Beach Pier in '59, and the '61 World Contest at Makaha. He competed at the 1964 world contest in Peru and was runner-up at the Malibu Masters event in 1973. Recently held NSSA Senior Champ and WSA Grand Master titles.

Linnen Makaha
PHOTO: Makaha shorebreak December 64'. Courtesy of LeRoy Grannis

PHOTO: Sunset. L to R, Jock Sutherland and Chuck Linnen. Courtesy of LeRoy Grannis

Chucks scrapbookPHOTO: Huntington Beach. Linnen Archive

PHOTO: Chuck, Peter Townend, & L.J. Richards

Jacobs AdPHOTO: Chuck was a "Featured Surfer" for Surf Boards by Jacobs. Linnen Archive.

Chuck the strongest man
PHOTO: Navy days "When Men Were Men", Chuck Linnen second from left. Linnen Archive.

Grannis & Linnen surfing together
PHOTO: Sunset L to R, LeRoy Grannis & Chuck surfing together. Courtesy of LeRoy Grannis.


PHOTO: Chuck at the Huntington Beach Pier with Jacobs surfboard. Linnen Archive

PHOTO: Courtesy of Sharon Ann Marshall

PHOTO: Chuck at Huntington Beach Pier, photo Ron Dotson. Linnen Archive.

makaha card
PHOTO: Chuck's e-ticket. Still carried in his wallet, issued 1960.

PHOTO: Chuck and other team members arriving at the Peru Airport for the the 1964 World Contest, standard attire. Linnen Archive.

PHOTO:Chuck with Joyce Hoffman at Sunset Beach December 65'. Courtesy of LeRoy Grannis.

"As I ride the wave distantly, following the echo, I have arrived at my home"

Chuck Linnen


leroy grannis
PHOTO: Makaha November 65'. Courtesy of LeRoy Grannis

PHOTO: Makaha. Courtesy of Leo Hetzel






Surfing Walk of Fame