Congratulations to our 30th Induction Class of Legends in the World of Stoke!


Surf Pioneer: Bing Copeland

Surfing Champion: Felipe Pomar

Local Hero: Jeff Deffenbaugh

Surf Culture: Doug Warbrick & Brian Singer (Rip Curl Founders)

Woman of the Year: Sally Fitzgibbons

Honor Roll: Mike Hynson


The 1994-2019 Induction of the Surfing Walk of Fame hard cover book. Project Director Peter Townend, Creative Director Joni Casimiro and Editorial Director Mike Cianciulli. Full color with 175 pages of the 6 categories of inductees. Surf Pioneer, Surf Champion, Woman of the Year, Surfing Culture, Local Hero and Honor Roll. Also includes Surfboard on Parade section.

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