Ann Beasley 1998 Honor Roll

A founding Director of the International Surfing Museum

Ann Beasley can't surf a lick. In fact, she's never tried. But as the first elected official and World Ambassador of the International Surfing Museum in Huntington Beach, Ann has a vast knowledge and appreciation for the sport. of Surfing, it’s culture, and it’s history. “I know more surfing stories than most surfers," Ann says, " and mine are clean, educational and historical. Ann familiarized herself with surfing after moving to Huntington Beach from West Virginia in the mid -'80's.

Her entire life she has contributed to the community as a volunteer, when Ann moved to Huntington Beach she immediately found a new cause to support. One day browsing through the Independent, a local Huntington newspaper, she read a story about a lady name Natalie A. Kotsch who was trying to rally support for the construction of a surfing museum on the beach beside the HB Pier. The next thing she knew she had become the first elected official of the International Surfing Museum and joined Natalie in her quest to see a surfing museum established in Huntington Beach. The two ladies both put in a few years of dedication and hard work and have become the driving forces behind the extremely successful International Surfing Museum in which they helped open in 1990.