Brad Gerlach "2002 Local Hero"

Top surfing competitor and big-wave tow-in legend


One of surfing's great characters, rose out of the NSSA ranks in the early '80s after moving to Huntington Beach to attend Huntington Beach High School and be part of the HBHS Surfteam dynasty at that time under the coaching of Chuck Allen (A Surfing Walk of Fame HONOR ROLL recipient). After graduating Huntington Beach High, Brad not long after broke into the coveted ASP "Top 16" in '86 and stayed there for the next six (6) years finishing runner-up to the World Championship in '91.

He dropped off the tour after that and continued to work on his surfing skills and most recently has become an exponent of the big-wave tow-in phenomena and along with tow-in partner Mike Parsons was part of the historical conquering of the Cortes Banks and it's 60' plus waves in 2001.