Candy Calhoun "2010 Woman of the Year"

Calhoun's were a first family of surfing

PHOTO: Candy Calhoun, Makaha International Surfing Championships woman's finals, December 27, 1963. Courtest of LeRoy Grannis

Candy, her sister Robin and mother Marge were celebrated as the feminine surfing ideal, the Calhoun's were a first family of surfing, Candy, beautiful and athletic with sun-streaked hair in 1962 finished fourth in the Makaha contest, then the next year went on to win the 1963 Women's West Coast Surfing Championships.

In 1965 Candy as a member of the USA Surfing Team placed third in the ISA World Championships in Peru.

She was an avid body-surfer and became the first woman to body-surf both the Newport Wedge and Pipeline and as Walk of Famer Mike Doyle said” Candy was like a seal, she like the water more than the land, she rode surfboards, but she liked to more in touch with the water”.

Today Candy lives on the Central Coast of California and joins her mother Marge on the Surfing Walk of Fame, the first family to have two members inducted.

PHOTO: SurfGuide Magazine, Robin, Candy & Marge.