George Farquhar 2000 Honor Roll

International Surfing Museum Inspiration

Photo: Courtesy Suzanne Stromin

The late George Farquhar was the publisher, managing editor and photographer of the Huntington Beach News, a local newspaper whose extensive coverage of surfing from 1937-1979 helped Huntington Beach establish itself as "Surf City."

George worked there for 53 years that his father bought in 1926 when Huntington Beach was a booming oil town. George began writing obituaries for the paper at the young age of 13 and later advanced to taking over the publication. His witty, often acerbic columns detailed both his opinions about city politics, police department and stories of the numerous women in his life.

George had a reputation as a city personality and his love of surfing, a sport in participated in until illness overtook him. He passed on in June of 1985.

George and Bunny Graves/Suzanne Stromin in early 80's outside his home. George is holding the camera he used throughout the 80's to capture news in Huntington Beach. Courtesy Suzanne Stromin

George and Bunny Graves/Suzanne Stromin in 1981 American Hawaii Cruises USS Independence. Courtesy Suzanne Stromin