Surfing Walk of Fame Inductees

Founded in 1994 and dedicated to Duke Kahanamoku

Photo courtesy of the Bishop Museum.

Surf Pioneer

Based on achieved surfing fame as respected surfers or pioneers in the time before major championships; candidates must have reached the age of fifty years old or are deceased.

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Peter "PT" Townend

Surf Champion

Must have held World Championship and/or World Class events titles specific to the City of Huntington Beach.

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Linda Benson

Woman of the Year

Woman who achieved the most votes collectively from the following categories of Surfing Champions, Surfing Culture, Surf Pioneers, or Local Heroes.

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Mike Hynson, Robert August, Bruce Brown, courtesy Bruce Brown Films

Surf Culture

Nominated from the arts and/or administration field and must have helped create a define surfing culture. Categories: Fashion, Art, Music, Equipment, Literature, Film, Administration, Photography, and Acting. Out of these area one person with the most votes is entered in the Walk of Fame each year.

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Robert August, courtesy Bruce Brown Films

Local Hero

Either resided 10 years in Huntington Beach or graduated from the Huntington Union School district and were finalists in championships in category Surfing Champions, contributed to Huntington Surfing Culture, were Surf Pioneers in the City, or were champions of the annual Huntington City Championships.

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Honor Roll

The Honor Roll was created to honor those individuals who have contributed to surfing and it's culture and are deserving of recognition, but might not qualify to receive a stone on the Walk of Fame. Honor Roll recipients are selected by the Surfing Walk of Fame Board of Directors.

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