John Van Oeffelen "Frog" 2011 Honor Roll

Hole in the Wall Gang Team Member Inductee and Team Captain

PHOTO: John Van Oeffelen team colors and Gordie Surfboard.

Nickname: Frog

Born: Santa Ana, California 1944

  • 1954: Started skim boarding & belly boarding, age 10
  • 1957: Started surfing at the age of 13 years old
  • 1962: Graduated from Huntington Beach High School
  • 1960-1963: Started surfing on Gordie Exhibition Team
  • 1963-1966: Surfed United States Championship
  • 1964: Joined and competed in the Long Beach Surf Club
  • 1960-1970: Surfed USSC Competitor on Gordie Surf Team
  • 1970-1975: Surfed WSA and NSSA Competition
  • 1975-1985 Team Captain for The Hole in the Wall Gang
  • 1979: HB Summer Surf Contest 1st Place Masters
  • 1981-1982 NSSA Calif Open Season Senior Champion
  • 1963-2001 Worked for City of HB Parks Trees & Landscape, retired after 42 years as the Operation Manager of the Parks Tree Landscape Division of the Public Works Department
PHOTO: John and mom displaying "head ding", 1957.
PHOTO: Frog with Chris Hawk in International Surfing Museum, HB.
PHOTO: 1957 Huntington Beach skimming in PCH and Beach Blvd.

PHOTO: When the daily 11am summer surfing curfew warning blasts out from lifeguard station zero on the pier, three young surfers demonstrated...L to R Johnny "Frog" Van Oeffelen, Johnny "Hot Dog" Boozer and Chuck "Profile" Dent. Archive photo, HB News Photo.
PHOTO: Frog with Dale Velzy.
PHOTO: Frog, left with Gordie Team Riders.
PHOTO: John modeled for Auto and Motor Sports Illustrated Cover May 1964 issue with Gordie Surf Board.


PHOTO: Frog at Huntington Beach Pier.

PHOTO: John Lyman photo of Frog Southside Huntington Beach Pier.