Kim Hamock "2005 Woman of the Year"

"Danger Woman"

With a nickname like "Danger Woman" it is of little surprise that Kim Hamrock's reputation as a fearless surfer precedes her. A late starter to wave riding, she was born in 1960 in Whittier, California, but did not begin surfing until the age of 16. She earned her chops surfing Huntington and Trestles during the 1970s and '80s, an age when female surfers were rare and often discouraged by Southern California's notoriously misogynistic lineups.

By the mid 1990s the lean goofyfooter held six U.S. titles (four short boards, 1993-96; two longboard, 1995-96). After turning pro in longboarding in 1998, shed placed 3rd in the 1999 Women's World Longboard Championships, 5th in 2000, and became Women's Longboard World Champ in 2002.

PHOTO" Kim with Linda Benson, 1997 Walk of
Fame Woman of the Year inductee.

PHOTO: Kim "Danger Woman," at Dungeons,
South Africa.

PHOTO: Kim at Puerto Escondido