Paula Reynolds 2011 Local Hero

Hole in the Walk Gang Team Member Inductee

PHOTO:Paula surfing Trestles (circa 1979)

PHOTO: US Surfing Championships in Texas. L to R: Bob Pace, Tom Bionde, Gordie Duane, John Boozer, Morghan Boozer, Paula Reynolds, and Chris Cattel.

I began surfing in 1972 in San Diego, CA. Most of my days were spent surfing the Ocean Beach Pier or Point Loma’s Sunset Cliffs riding boards shaped by Mike Eaton and Steve Lis. I began competing in local surf contests in 1976 and moved up the ranks in district 6 of the Western Surfing Association (WSA).

I met Gordie Duane and his Hole in the Wall Gang while completing in WSA 3A Invitationals. I had never met a more wild and wonderful bunch of people in my life. Gordie asked me to 'come on board' in 1978 and I jumped at the opportunity. Competing for HITWG through four United States Surfing Championships (USSC) was amazing. It was an honor to surf for this team.

WSA Team 1977-1978
Rated 5th - Girls division
8th place - West Coast Championships
12th place - USSC; Cape Hatteras, NC

WSA Team 1978-1979
Rated 1st - Womens division
Rated 2nd - Overall
Rated 4th - Tandem (with Bob Pace)

1979 USSC South Padre Island, Texas
1st place - Tandem (with Bob Pace)
7th place - Womens division

WSA Team 1979-1980
Rated 2nd - Tandem (with Bob Pace)
Rated 4th - Womens division

1980 USSC Haliewa, Chun's Reef and Laniakea, North Shore, Hawaii
4th place - Tandem (with Bob Pace)
6th place - Womens Kneeboard