Richard Andino "2011 Honor Roll"

Hole in the Wall Gang team Member Inductee

PHOTO: Richard Andino and John Van Oeffelen in the International Surfing Museum exhibit of The Hole in the Wall Gang

Translation of Article in Segunda de la Cronica, Sports Section, Lima, Peru Wednesday, March 28, 1979



  • The Californian, Rick Andino, was awarded the Pentagonal Surfboard Tournament title that took place in the Costa Verde ending the International Surfing Season which was organized by the National Commission for the sport.
  • Rick Andino won after accumulating the most points in five sets, accomplished in a very difficult journey from La Herradura Beach to Waikiki Beach stretching 7 kilometers, exceeding the national record with a time of 41 minutes, 40 seconds.
  • In this same competition, the Peruvian Milton Whiler also broke the national record witha time of 42 minutes, 55 seconds. The previous record was 43 minutes.
  • The second best classified was the Peruvian Carlos Barreda, who also won in two sets and stamped a national record in the thousand meters from Redondo Beach to LaPampilla, with the time of 1 minute 50 seconds. He also competed in the 2000 meters employing a time of 9 minutes 10 seconds.
  • The Peruvian, Milton Whiler, occupied third place in the general classification. Even though he did not win any competitions, he accumulated points in the 7000 meter stretch, and in the Tandem competition. He occupied second place in both.
  • The fourth placement in general corresponded to the Peruvian Herbert Fiedler and theFifth to the Californian, Bill Capellino.
  • The following surfers came in behind the above surfers:
  • Brad Waller (Peru), Gonzalo Gomez Sanchez (Peru), Gregs Samp (California), Doug Swaine (Texas), Jorge Lembke (Peru), Chris Degrazia (California), and Tom Berges also from California.
  • The Brazalians did not place in this competition since they were eliminated in the firstround of eliminations.
  • Rick Andino, the winner of the Pentagonal, is 21 years old and is one of the best surfersof the west coast of the United States of America. At the end of this international season the surfers of the United States and Brazil praised the quality of the Peruviansurfers.
  • It should be noted that in the last test of surfing skills they used long boards measuring 4 meters long. In this last competition of surfing skills, the Californian Bill Capellinowas escorted by Gonzalo Gomez Sanchez of Peru and Gregs Samp, also of California.
  • Malibu 3A Invitational Surfing Championships, Men's-1st Place 1979
  • Santa Cruz 3A Invitational Surfing Championships, Men's 1st Place 1979
  • Katin's ProAm Amateur, 3rd Place Men's 1979
  • Western Surfing Association District 5 Super Heat, 1st Place 1979
  • Comision Nacional De Tabla Del Peru, 1st Puesto Torneo Internacional Pentagonal-Marzo 1979
  • Cape Hatteras North Carolina US Championship, Men's 7h Place 1978
  • West Coast Surfing Championships, Men's 1st Place 1978

PHOTO: Andino intensity at Wedge, 1970's

PHOTO: Richard looking small at the Wedge, 1970's

PHOTO: Andino at Restaurants