Rob Machado "2011 Surf Champion"

One of the best-known goofy-foot surfers in the world today

Velzyland, Lance’s Right, Queen’s, George’s…Few surfers are fortunate enough to have a wave named after them. However, Rob Machado isn’t your typical surfer.

Machado holds a certain bond with a stretch of Huntington Beach sand that propelled him to three U.S. Open victories as well as three runner-up finishes. And thanks to his bold choice to take risks and sit away from his fellow competitors, the sandbar 400 yards south of the HB Pier will forever hold the “Machado’s Peak” namesake.

“Huntington Beach has an amazing and unique vibe about it,” Machado explained. “The U.S. Open is one of the few events that caters to the crowds. And the pier creates an amphitheater type of effect that really isn't matched anywhere else in the world. There's definitely something to be said about making the reform in front of 100,000 people on a Sunday afternoon -- if that doesn't get your blood flowing, I don’t know what will. It gives me the goose bumps just thinking about it.”

The smooth, flowy goofyfoot from Cardiff, California is widely regarded as having the best style out there and holds superior ability when riding myriad shapes of surfboards. And his induction into the Surfing Walk of Fame now marks the second immortal spot Machado has locked down in HB.

PHOTO: Courtesy Ron Deitrick

“I still remember the first wave I rode and I'll never forget it,” smiled Machado. “Surfing has given me so much and I feel like its nowhere close to over.”

Rob Machado

PHOTO: Courtesy of Lew Harrison

“It’s a true honor to be inducted into the Surfing Walk of Fame and very humbling to be included alongside that group of people who have all made incredible contributions to surfing,” Machado revealed. “The words ‘Walk of Fame’ add serious value to your contribution to the sport of surfing.”

A former Pipeline Master and World Number Two surfer, Machado’s surfing career spans to the far corners of the globe as well. He’s starred in over 50 surf films and blessed countless magazine covers over his 20-year professional career.

PHOTO: Courtesy of Lew Harrison