Ron Abdelfattah “2021 Honor Roll”

Co-Founder of Jack's Surfboards, a landmark in downtown HB

Founding board of the Surfing Walk of Fame. L to R: Don MacAllister, Eric Charlonne, Ron Abdelfattah, Bob Owens, Peter “PT” Townend, John VanOffelen, and Mike Adams.
PHOTO: Courtesy Rick Brown. Induction Day 2018, Ron, and in background 2018 Surf Culture Inductee Bob McKnight and SWoF Board Member Gary Sahagen.
PHOTO: Sharon Marshall. Ron with 2015 Surf Culture Inductee Dick Graham.

Carrying on in the tradition of his late partner Mike Abdelmuti, Ron Abdelfattah of Jack’s Surfboards is largely responsible for the Surfing Walk of Fame’s existence. So it is only rightfully so that our patron join years of worthy inductees enshrined on the immortal HB pavement. Abdelfattah is also a Senior Advisory Director to the Board Retailers Association. Abdelfattah’s commitment to Huntington Beach, the sport of surfing and the surf industry as a whole remain largely unparalleled.

PHOTO: Sharon Marshall. Ron with Dorian “Doc” Paskowitz.

PHOTO: Courtesy Bobby Zee Images. Ron, PT and Cecil Lear on stage at the 2021 Surfing Walk of Fame Induction on September 23rd, 2021
2021 Surfing Walk of Fame Board Induction Ceremony on Main St. in Huntington Beach, California on September 23rd, 2021 © 2021  Ron Lyon Photo
PHOTO: Courtesy Ron Lyon. On stage at the 2021 Surfing Walk of Fame Induction, PT, Ron and John Etheridge.