Roy Crump "2013 Local Hero"

Huntington Beach’s Roy Crump caught his first wave in 1949 and hasn’t looked back since

From braving massive cleanup sets at Waimea Bay in the ’60s to being entrenched with the Huntington Beach Surf Club from the early days, Crump – a journalist/surfer – has seen the sport evolve now for well-over half a century.

He was one of the early California pioneers of the North Shore and bought himself property there early on, in particular at Rocky Point on the Sunset side where one his favorite places to surf was a small piece of reef between Rocky Point and Kammieland that became know as “Crump’s Dumps”, a favorite also of the young Aussies of the ’70s to escape the crowds.

PHOTO CAPTION: Roy Crump V-Land Circa '60s

PHOTO: North Shore early 60's with Roy Crump third from right.

Crump was manager at the Harbour Surf Shop in Seal Beach during its heyday, has competed at the pier in US Championships and the annual HB Summer Surf contest probably more than any individual, and most recently competed and won his division at the Huntington Beach Senior Surf Invitational, proving that being a true surfer lasts for a lifetime.

He’s been a fixture at the Huntington Beach Pier since the ’60s, and is an avid volleyball player and sometime volleyball coach. If he’s not in the water, he’s on the sand courts.

Roy Crump
PHOTO: 1964 Former Long Beach resident Roy Crump could usually be found at Lower Trestles surfing when he wasn't in Long Beach where he grew up. A warm summer afternoon with a few friends was what the hard core Trestles crew dreams of in the summer. Photo courtesy of Leo Hetzel.
PHOTO CAPTION: 2013 inductee's Roy Crump and Taylor Knox. Photo courtesy Sharon Marshall.