Sponsors of the Surfing Walk of Fame

Helping in Preserving the History of Surfing

PHOTO: Courtesy Sharon Marshall. Steve Van Doren and Ron Abdelfattah

Without our sponsors, the Surfing Walk of Fame wouldn't exist. With their generous donations we are able to fun the event which helps pay for inductee stones, programs, potential of paying airfare and room/board, for someone far away, t-shirts, rental of stage PA system, posters, luncheon for honorees, public relations firm, our website and advertising.

Even with the list of elite sponsors, the Surfing Walk of Fame is always looking for addtional help.

Elite Sponsor


Contributing Sponsors (Artist, Graphic Designers, & Photographers)

We also want to show notice to our contributing sponsors, a special talented group of photographers, producers, and artist.

(Click here to read about the contributing sponsors or click on the links before to go to their websites)

Bobby Zee Images

Bishop Museum

Brian Gillogly-the Accidental Icon

Cindy Love

Heather McGrath

Jeff Divine

John Titchen

Joni Sternbach

Leo Hetzel

LeRoy Grannis Familly