Steve Pezman "2002 Surf Culture"

Surfer, surf shop owner,  writer,  editor, publisher...

PHOTO: Courtesy of The Surfer's Journal

PHOTO: 1962, Courtesy of
Dr. Don James

A fixture of the Southern California surfing scene, Steve Pezman began surfing in 1957 while attending Wilson High in Long Beach, frequenting Seal Beach/Huntington surf. Spent 1962 in Hawaii during which Dr. James photo was taken at Sunset that November (Steve had borrowed and broke Bill Wetzel’s gun without asking permission, while Bill was on airport run.) Began shaping mid-60s, partnered with Stu Herz as industries 1st private label board builders, ending up co-owning HB surf shop Creative Design-late 60s, began free-lance writing first surfboard design articles and then travel articles.

He joined Petersen’s International Surfing mag as Assoc. Editor in ’69, moved to Surfer in same capacity in ’70, served as Publisher/Surfer ’71-’91. With wife Debbee, started The Surfer’s Journal in ’92.

Over last several decades have authored many articles on surfing for surf and general audience pubs, published the Book of Waves, the Masters of Surf Photography and Pioneer series of surf photo books, and along with Debbee, Executive Produced The Surfer’s Journal T.V. series (’68-01) for Outdoorlife network.