Tom Carroll "1999 Surf Champion"

PHOTO: Courtesy Dan Merkel

Born in Australia, Tom Carroll grew up on the wave-rich Northern beaches of Sydney where the goofy foot developed a radical style of power surfing. At age 15, he won the world’s inaugural Pro Junior Championship in 1977 and repeated again in 1978.

As a world tour rookie in 1979, Carroll made the finals of the Pipeline Masters which kicked off a successful fourteen years on tour. Sidelined by reconstructive knee surgery, he bounced back to win the ASP World Title in 1983 and 1984, then the  Pipeline Masters in 1987, 1991 and 1992. While his tube riding knack was clearly apparent, “The Snap” -an iconic image of Carroll placing a vicious mid-face turn at Pipeline is arguably one of the most famous photos taken at Pipe.

Carroll retired in 1993, with 26 career pro victories and a Triple Crown title (1991) on his resume. But that didn't slow him down in the least bit. Even while in his early sixties, CARROLL can be found pushing his physical limits amongst some of the worlds heaviest lineups and carrying the stoke of an eternal grommet.